8 accessories every girl should own

Hello everyone! Here’s a list of accessories that you definitely should own:
1. Jhumkas

These traditional earrings have an antique yet a trendy look which comes in various designs and even colors (I recommend sliver though).

2. Hoop earrings

Because of its simple design, they go with every outfit.

3. Statement earrings

Perfect for formal,semi formal and traditional events.

4. Statement Necklace

They can make an ordinary outfit stand out.

5. Silver Bangles

There’s no end to what you can do with them <3

6. A bracelet/cuff

Why leave the hands empty?

7. A watch

For a classy yet subtle look when you’re running out of time.

8. A scarf you can always rely on

Just take a white tee,wear a scarf over it and you’re good to go.

Have any suggestions? Comment below!

Bye until next time!




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