3 things you can make using old CDs

Hello! We all have old CDs lying in our homes, so why not make use of them to create something useful and fun?

1. Necklace
Here’s what you need:

a) A cardboard stencil (Shape of your necklace)       b) Glue      c) Small CD pieces      d) Thread

Make two small holes on both ends of the stencil.

Insert the thread through the holes and tie them.

Now start sticking the CD pieces.

and you’re done! The final outcome is this! You can even use glass paints to color the necklace.

2. Coaster
Here’s what you need:

a)Old CD      b)  Pastel sheets     c) Scissors    d)Glue

Trace the CD and cut the circle out,also cut some small flowers that will be pasted over it.

Stick the flowers over the circle and place it over the CD. Here’s the final outcome. You can cut various shapes and designs too!

3. Transforming a sling bag

Here’s what you need:

a)A bag        b) Fabric glue/Normal glue        c) CD pieces

I had a regret buying this bag (from steve maiden) so I thought of changing its look.

You just have to stick the CD pieces at one place (not all over the bag) I chose the flap.And here’s what it looks like.

Bye until next time!




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